Box Anchors

  • Recommended for natural surfaces
  • Soft urethane top minimizes disruption of surface when not in use
  • Zinc plated steel auger piling for strength and longevity
  • No concrete or excavation required
  • Keyed padlocks assure anchoring is removed only by authorized personnel

The Box Anchors are recommended for natural grass fields, and adhere to the Kwik Goal Lock in to Goal Safety® program. The Boxes Anchors are attached to steel auger anchor pilings, which help with strength and longevity. A leash is run out of the box and around the base frame of the goal. The leash is then locked with a keyed padlock ensuring only authorized personnel can remove the anchoring. A soft urethane top protects the contents and minimizes disruption on the surface.

The Box Anchors do not require concrete or excavation.