Fyrst USA Sport Medical Kit


The Sport Medical Kit (12" x 9" x 7", 7 lbs) is carried in a soft padded cordura nylon bag with shoulder strap, heavy duty zipper, cold-pack holder with Velcro, waterproof bottom, and cell-phone phone compartment.

It contains a generous supply of the most needed sport first aid items, as suggested by the Princeton University Athletic Trainer and the Arco Olympic Sports Medicine Department.

Each Sport Medical Kit includes:

•1 Reusable ice bag (9")

•4 Instant cold packs (6" x 8")

•1 Cold pack holder (6" x 30")

•1 Blister kit (with 2nd Skin)

•20 Bandages (1" x 3")

•6 Large bandages (2" x 4.5")

•1 Elastic wrap (3" x 5")

•1 Scissors

•10 Blood-Off cloth towelettes (removes blood instantly from uniforms or clothing)

•20 Latex-free gloves

•1 Eye wash (4oz)

•2 Rolls athletic tape (1.5" x 15 yards)

•1 Roll pre-wrap (2.75" x 30 yards)

•20 Antimicrobial skin wipes (for blood-borne pathogen care)

•1 Sport Wound Care Kit (includes: gauze, PVC swab, non-adherent pad, latex gloves, tape, hand towelette & disposal bag)

Cannot be shipped by air