Wall Pads w/Graphics 2' x 5' x 1 3/8''


Show Your Opponents That They Are In Your House!

Wall Mat Construction
Wall pads are used primarily behind basketball goals to absorb impact and reduce injuries.  Constructed of 1/2" Novaply wood backing with your choice of either Crosslink Polyethylene foam, 100 ILD High Density Polyurethane or combine both for a dual density pad.  Pads are covered in 18 oz. vinyl and have a 1" lip at the top and bottom for attachment to the wall.  Corner round molding or aluminum channel (not included) may be used to cover bolt heads after installation.  Installation hardware is not included.

Combine Art With Performance
 Special, durable inks are used that produce extreme and intense, life size outdoor quality images.  The vinyl is protected with a liquid lamination process to provide added durability and prevent fading. 

It’s Quick and Easy
All you need to send us is a (copyright free) high resolution digital vector file or choose from a library of in house mascot images."  For an additional charge, our designers will create or enhance your existing artwork.  All images, including any additional charges, will be sent to you for approval prior to printing on the product.