Vengeance Pro

Modeled after the adult version, the Schutt Vengeance Z10 Youth Football Helmet brings a new look to the youth game with features such as a lightweight shell and Schutt's unique Helmet Stabilization System. The lighter shell cuts down the weight - a great thing for younger players as they develop strength in their necks. The helmet includes a titanium facemask to keep the weight down and a hard cup SC-4 chinstrap to keep the protection up. You'll get a more locked in feel with an external cheek stabilizer that boosts the strength of the ear flaps and an internal piece that provides extra protection for your face. Multiple vent holes keep the helmet breathable, while the single layer TPU keeps it light on your head. The titanium facemasks are made to work in unison with the helmet, extending further back on the helmet than previous Vengeance facemasks with a material that's 60% lighter than traditional facemasks. Feel the difference this season with the Vengeance Z10!